The humans of Seattle, July 2013.

Did I just pee my pants? Maybe. A little.

Did I just pee my pants? Maybe. A little.

I got tickets for My Bloody Valentine and two Smashing Pumpkins shows! Yeeeaaaahhhh!!

I’m hoping for a miracle this Saturday. If that miracle happens, I’m gonna see My Bloody Valentine in May and The Smashing Pumpkins twice in July. YES YES EYS

So My Chemical Romance broke up?

Then they were right! Remember that time they said that they planned out their career exactly as the career of the Smashing Pumpkins? Guess how long the Pumpkins were around till their break?

Right. 12 years. Just like My Chem.

So if I’m correct, they will bring out their comeback album in 2020. You’re welcome.

I love how m b v confuses me. Sometimes I’m really not sure what I’m listening to. Take Nothing Is for example. When it came on just now, I literally stopped right in my tracks and just sat there like I was falling out of an airplane. The world stopped existing for a few minutes.


Brigitte Bardot and Salvador Dali


Brigitte Bardot and Salvador Dali

(Source: belle-jolie)

Photographed Circa, 1890 

Photographer: Paul Kooiker

The photographs from the archives of Dutch town of Utrecht`s university hospital (records of medical disorders).

In the early days of medical photography clinical standards had yet to be formulated for photographic images. Consequently, many photographs are more poignant and beautiful than they are scientific. Light, space and patients` complete submission to doctors and photographers evoke feelings of compassion, surprise, embarrassment and amusement rather than disgust or scientific curiosity.

One of the conditons was Goitre a thyroid condition once common there due to a deficiency of iodine in the drinking water. The exhibition “Utrechtse Krop in De Kabinetten van De Vleeshal” centred around the appeal of illness and the fragility of our physical being.

You are so cute dkdjshdhr


Oh hey wow thank you (: